The Hebridean Community Garden

Gàrradh Coimhearsnachd Innse-Gall

Vegetable Garden


The Hebridean Community Garden is a new horticulture project at Clan Macquarrie Community Centre (CMCC). It is being jointly run and managed by CMCC and UOG and will provide a beautiful and sustainable green space for the Galson community. The garden will include two fully kitted-out polycrubs, raised beds, tool sheds and plenty of growing space for everyone interested in gardening and horticulture.


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Rose Bush
Home Grown Vegetables

Community gardens can provide innumerable benefits to the populations that they serve. The mental and physical gains that people can obtain by gardening in a social setting are now well-documented through academic research, as well as the everyday experiences of community gardeners. We want to harness this by building a sensory garden as part of this initiative. This will be full of plants that bear wonderful scents and attract the eye with beautiful colours in order to stimulate – rosemary, lemon balm, fragrant roses and pelargoniums, for example. 


Green spaces are now more important to our mental and physical health and wellbeing than ever before. Our vision is for a well-maintained community garden that provides a place for reflection and healing, with a vibrant collection of native plants to support local wildlife and a versatile range of growing spaces to encourage different needs within the Galson Estate community.  


We have a long-term vision for the garden and have already secured funding from the following organisations: Action Earth, National Lottery, Comhairle nan Eilean Siar – Crown Estate, Western Isles Development Trust, Scotland Loves Local, and the CalMac Community Fund.

RESOURCES & Worksheets

To make The Hebridean Community Garden a fully rounded horticulture project, we will be putting out regular digital content here, for you all to enjoy. There will be a selection of interactive garden guides on different topics, video Q & A sessions and much more over the course of 2021.

You can find all of this exciting gardening output below...

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